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  • O44 Teacher Training
  • We are so excited to share O44 METHOD on the MINI BOX with you so you can share it with others! We will be launching in-person trainings Fall 2021. In our teacher training program you will you learn this amazing METHOD and you will learn how to teach it! Details of our O44 MINI BOX Training are below.
  • Training Includes
  • In-person training and a Downloadable Comprehensive Manual. Both cover:
    O44 METHOD on the MINI BOX Class Formula, Structure and Benefits

    A break down of every exercise by Class Section
How to perform and evaluate correct exercise technique

    The why behind each exercise and where it is intended to be working
How to teach the class so that it’s effective, safe and fun.
    Testout Prep Material
    4 Full Workouts
  • Training Costs
  • O44 METHOD on the MINI BOX Complete Training: $499
    MINI BOX: $249 [+ shipping]
    Test Out: $49
  • Future Costs
  • Quarterly Choreography with suggested Playlists: $49 per quarter.

Choosing to go through the O44 Method Teacher Training was one of the easiest and best decisions I ever made. The O44 Method Workout is a very effective and incredibly thoughtful program. Carrie is very inspiring and her love of empowering others makes her so special. I love how she has created a program that encompasses the Whole Heath of the individual. This approach makes O44 Method very unique and an accessible program anybody can benefit from.
-Cinamin Stulik

O44 Teacher Training is the real deal! I LOVE the workout..It's fun, it's smart, and it works. What an amazing opportunity to learn from the best in the industry. Not only is Carrie wise about fitness and the body, she also cares about the whole person. This accessible, affordable, thoughtful training is truly set apart! O44 training is what was missing for me, as a fitness professional. The materials, the inspiring camaraderie of other O44 teachers plus business model have all helped me create my own whole-health business, and bonus...on my terms!
-Amy Jo Bright

As a fitness coach, O44 teacher training has allowed me to deepen my development as a teacher and enhance my understanding of the body's mechanics both physically and mentally. All the “ah hah” moments through the training program, supported and pushed for new perspectives and new approaches. As a coach in the fitness industry for over 10 years, I found it to be the first training program that catered to The Teacher. The Trainer. The Guider. I found the program to acknowledge and honor my calling as a trainer, while strengthening my verbal articulation of movement. There is intention behind every aspect of O44 and abundant room for growth.
-KJ Denton

Ready to get started? Let’s do this!

MINI BOX required for teacher training. Get her here!


+    Do I need teaching experience?

Nope, just dedication to learn and practice.

+    What are the fitness requirements?

Your training will be physically challenging. It’s designed for participants who are experienced in fitness and physically fit. If you’re unsure about your fitness level, consult your doctor before registering.

+    What happens after training?

After you’ve successfully completed your training, you must submit a video of yourself teaching a full class. You’ll have sixty days to prepare and submit your video. To pass, you’ll need to show competency in:

Formula and Class Structure

Form and Variations

Choreography and Music

Teaching Cueing and Vocals

More information on submission requirements and how to present a successful video will be provided during training.

+    After I test out, where can I teach O44?

After a successful test out, you can teach O44 METHOD on the MINI BOX pretty much anywhere! In a Studio, Online, Outside, etc.