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By Ellie Kempton of Simply Nourished

When it comes to the art of “pretty” as we age, products for skin, hair and nails abound. And if you’re like me, the marketing for magical topical remedies are intoxicating. There is an elixir, potion and lotion for every facet of what we see topically when the most targeted approach for radiant glow starts beneath the surface.

Hair, skin and nail health are all protective barriers and their lustrous resilience is a manifestation of our our deeper wellness. When we look beneath the surface and focus on our nutrient status, inflammation, gut and hormones the amount of products necessary to elicit luster fall by the wayside.

Start by taking a peek at all 7 roots of accelerated aging. Identify which one you intuitively know needs the most attention and then dive into the tips tailored to your root of focus. Notice the glow percolate as you watch your nails grow faster, your hair thicken and your skin glow.

dump the sugar

  • sugar quite literally accelerates aging by causing A.G.E.s
    • find upgrades for anything with 10 g sugar or more [every 5 g sugar = 1 tsp]
    • ≤ 2 packaged foods per day
    • prioritize roots + fruits + toots [legumes!]

replete nutrient deficiencies

  • collagen synthesis depends on these micronutrients
  • C - citrus
  • zinc - pumpkin seeds
  • vitamin A - orange vegetables
  • minerals - mineral water + sea vegetables + nettle tea
  • when under deep stress consider a high quality multi

soothe inflammation

  • 2g omega 3 from fish daily [if supplementing with fish oil choose one with 2:1 ratio of EPA to DHA]
  • plant based? no problem — algae is your new best friend

build a robust microbiome

  • diversify fibers [5 different vegetables a day // 1 new vegetable a week // ≥ 40 g fiber per day]
  • spores [to “police" the microbiome]
  • bite // sip cultured food daily [unless SIBO is present]

strike hormone balance

  • down-regulate exposure to endocrine disruptors
  • signs of estrogen dominance: acne + rosacea + darkening of skin [melasma production]
  • signs of estrogen or testosterone deficiency: dry skin
  • signs of suboptimal testosterone metabolization: acne + oily skin

address the stress

  • identify your energy givers and your energy drainers
  • 1-2 acts of self-care 3 x per day
  • practice stress reduction when NOT stressed [I.e breathing ritual daily]

moisturize + protect from within

  • weave high quality omega 9 rich fats into your meals to include nuts + seeds + avocado + olives to “hydrate” your skin from within
  • these healthy fat-rich foods also contain vitamin E, protecting skin [specifically] from environmental damage

While it’s tempting to do it all, the body responds to consistency. Choose one root of accelerated aging at a time and then troubleshoot with the tips below.