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O44, through The Dorr Family Foundation, seeks to make an impact on the health of our physical and emotional environment through meaningful philanthropy and advocacy. It does this through strategic grant making and collaboration with people doing innovative work.

The Dorr Family Foundation, formerly known as the Soul Day Foundation, was created in 2015 when Pure Barre founder Carrie Dorr funded the foundation after selling her company. The Dorr Family Foundation evaluates and administers grants in two broad focus areas: Climate Change / Food Systems and Humane Technology.

We believe that climate change and humane technology are the most urgent issues we face as a society and are critical to the health of the environment in which we live. Policymakers have failed to implement meaningful legislation to address these human-driven issues and we now face a global crisis. Innovative solutions coupled with dramatic policy changes are needed to reverse the trends.


We believe that the current food system should deliver healthy food in an environmentally sustainable way. We support projects that address problems along the food chain, including those that build soil health, promote the conversion of industrial farmlands to healthier farming methods, protect existing ecosystems, provide access to farmers that will be good land stewards, make farming a viable way of life for a new generation of farmers and help connect consumers to healthy, affordable food.


We believe all people deserve a future with humane technology. We support projects dedicated to reimagining our digital infrastructure to support our wellbeing, democracy and shared-information environment. Our current grantees are Land Core and Center for Humane Technology. To learn more about their work, please spend some time on their respective sites.