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Ellie Kempton believes the food we eat says something fundamental about who we are and what we believe in. She is a holistic nutritionist who knows her favorite foods have the ability to stabilize energy, improve digestion, and optimize weight. Her mission is to provide clarity in choosing the right foods to nourish your unique body and lifestyle.

Ellie's career in nutrition found her as a collegiate swimmer. Her diet was motivated purely by speed and ease. Foods that could be prepared quickly to optimize free time and fuel an even faster swim.  When Ellie's “fast” foods only made her slower and eventually very sick, her paradigm shifted. Neither doctors nor medicines could prevent her discouragement. After a diagnosis of autoimmunity, but before completely giving up, Ellie found her elixir: real food. It transformed her performance, health and life.

Since then, Ellie has become real food’s marketing agent. Real food offers transformative health benefits and Ellie is thrilled to make nutrition simple and exciting for everyone. Her devotion and extensive work to nourish her own health has equipped her with the tools to help others stabilize energy, digestion and weight. Through simple habits, Ellie believes everyone can provide optimal and sustainable health.

Credentials and Memberships: 

  • Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
  • Masters in Nutrition degree from Bastyr University
  • Bachelor of Science degree in Sports Medicine/Biochemistry from University of Virginia
  • Former Media chair of the North Sound Dietetic Association
  • Former Secretary of the Washington State Food and Nutrition Council
  • Founder of Slow Food Bastyr campus chapter
  • Founder of Slow Food University of Virginia campus chapter