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  • Hopefully you are watching Ted Lasso! In this amazing comedy series, coach Ted Lasso deploys strategies which create mass chaos and confusion referred to as “Led Tasso”. Chaos and confusion come to mind when looking at the Fitness Industry today. In a time of information and option overload how do you figure out what Fitness regimen really works for you? You can start by asking yourself these 3 navigating questions:
  • Question #1: Is the workout something you will do? It might seem obvious but workouts only work if you do them. Create a regimen of workouts you enjoy and you are more likely to be consistent. Consistency and sustainability are key for fitness to be effective. Some things to consider: Do you like to work out at home, in studio, or a hybrid? Outside, inside or a mix? By yourself, with others or a combo? With tech-driven equipment [HIFI] or without [LOFI]? With competition or without? Do you prefer constant choreography/pattern change within your workout or repetition?
  • Here is what works for me although know that this recipe should be personalized for you.
  • I like to workout at-home by myself because it’s super efficient.
  • With minimal LOFI equipment [O44 wood BOX, tube, weights] because it allows me to achieve a mind-body connection which delivers the best results for me physically + mentally. I have enough forced tech and noise in my daily life, my workout is my break from it!
  • Without competition- competition is not what motivates me.
  • I mix in outdoor hikes and runs. Both by myself and with friends.
  • When it comes to choreography, I prefer repetition with the “right amount” of change. I am a big believer in repetition for results and not a fan of more is better, large workout libraries and complicated choreo. I believe in enough repetition so your muscles can work deeper in the exercises rather than surface level constantly navigating new patterns. Simultaneously, there needs to be enough choreography change to keep your head in the game and prevent shifting to auto-pilot and thus disengagement. It’s a fine-tuned balance for sure.
  • Question #2: How does the workout make you feel? In the 90s, the fitness industry preached “no pain no gain". Yikes. We now know better. Your workout should make you feel strong, flexible, refreshed and mentally more at peace. It’s certainly ok and preferable to feel the muscles you are working but not in a daily debilitating way.
  • Question #3: Are you achieving your desired results? Aka…is what your are doing working? Your desired results may be to gain strength, endurance and/or flexibility. Lower your cholesterol. Shave a minute off your 5k. Beat your KOM on a Strava segment. It may be weight maintenance or weight loss. Whatever your desired results are make sure your fitness regimen is helping you achieve those results. If it isn’t, consider some tweaks.

    We live in a society driven by shiny new objects and the principle that more is better…more equipment, more tech, more workouts in a library. Try not to believe every ad you are served! Rather, as with many things in life, tune out to tune in and you will find a Fitness regimen that works for you rather than being Led Tasso’d. ​