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  • Create a personalized live event lead by Carrie Dorr in a safe environment utilizing the majestic outdoors of Carmel, CA. We offer custom immersive events which include the O44 METHOD workout, outdoor hikes, scenic ocean walks and content curated specifically for your group’s interest. Because of Carrie’s Unique background and experience, content can be tailored around Business, Wellbeing and preferably both!

    There are many different types of groups an O44 event can be designed for, here are just a few examples:
    Fitness/Wellness Studio Owners
    Fitness/Wellness Teachers
    Corporate Teams
    Franchise Teams
    Friends looking to reconnect or celebrate a special life moment

    Whether your goal is team building, bonding, employee appreciation or taking a break from tech and life chaos, your experience is sure to be impactful, rejuvenating, inspirational and fun!

“Carrie is incredibly authentic, experienced, and has great attention to detail. To date, Carrie’s insight was one of those most valuable experiences for my company because she is far more seasoned than the lay entrepreneur. Specifically, Carrie has walked every path of the entrepreneur from founding a successful brand to organically growing it into 100 locations and later, sitting on company boards that have grown the brand beyond that. It is that experience from top to bottom that makes her understand all challenges no matter what stage of growth your company is in. For Clean Your Dirty Face®, we are already established but now entering a new phase of our company’s growth, so working with Carrie really helped me to identify (and confirm) the areas of my company's focus in this next chapter."

-Shama Patel, President Clean Your Dirty Face®+ AIR® Aerial Fitness

“Carrie has been a featured speaker in a number of my MBA courses in entrepreneurship at the Lloyd Greif Center for Entrepreneurial Studies at USC Marshall School of Business over the past ten years. She is an amazing speaker who instantly connects with the students, as she tells her amazing story of starting, growing and exiting Pure Barre. Carrie is always welcome back to speak to our wonderful graduate students.”

-Steven Mednick, Associate Professor of Clinical Entrepreneurship, Lloyd Greif Center for Entrepreneurial Studies, Marshall School of Business, University of Southern California

“We had Carrie speak at our Forum Summit for our entrepreneurial mastermind group. She was absolutely phenomenal! The feedback we received from our membership was consistent. They appreciated how real and raw she was. The stories she shared resonated with the entrepreneurs in the room, inspiring us as well to continue to work hard and not to give up on our visions. I know she gave many of our members hope during tough times. Carrie was easy to work with and brings an incredible story to people looking for inspiration, hope, branding expertise and faith that hard work and “doing good” can be rewarded."

-Steve Ziegler, Ascendur, Founding Team