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Amy Jo. Wife, mom to five kids (ages 15-23), spiritual director, and teacher. Expert working with women from all walks of life. She brings an authentic, warm-hearted approach to the journey towards whole health.

Amy Jo co-owned and operated a Pure Barre franchise for 7 years and is now a teacher with O44 Method. She loves to teach, inspire and be a soul friend to those looking to discover who they are before anyone told them who they were supposed to be. When she is not teaching you can find her running, reading, hanging on the beach with her family, somewhere in nature or enjoying the city with her husband. Amy has a bachelor's degree in human services counseling and attends the Haden Institute of Spiritual direction in Asheville, NC. She looks forward to more conversations with women about inner life, meaning and mystery so that day-to-day living and existing relationships can be fuller and richer.