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O44 METHOD is an innovative and results-driven full body workout which fuses the best of Barre, Pilates, Sports Performance + Old School Step Aerobics. It blends both large range dynamic movements and small isometric movements while integrating heavier resistance. Cardio circuits break up the strength segments and can be done either Low or High-Impact. Each workout concludes with Stretch, Recovery and a Mindfulness practice, allowing you to achieve optimal results for both body and mind. The METHOD is effective for strengthening, toning, heart health and staving off weight gain.

The workouts utilize our O44 BOX. This simple, small and affordable piece of equipment allows for all the Plyometric, Cardio and Strength Exercises performed in the O44 METHOD workouts. Tubing attaches around the outside of the BOX creating an efficient way to integrate resistance in to every movement.

O44 METHOD is available live via our CUSTOM EVENTS and in Studio to be announced Spring 2022!

I am so happy to have found the O44 method. The workouts are efficient, effective and pack a punch. With O44 you can check off all the boxes to a well-rounded fitness routine that includes cardio, strength training, stretching and a few minutes of meditation to conclude. All in 45ish minutes, with zero dread factor! I highly recommend it to anyone of any fitness level. I am in my best shape, in my mid 40’s, doing only this workout 4-5 days per week.

Patti Zakoor

I tried my first O44 Method workout at the beginning of the pandemic, looking to spice up my fitness routine which basically consisted of walking. I was hooked right away, even though they were challenging for me at first – I hadn’t worked some of those muscles in years! There is SO much variety in each workout, but my favorite part is the cardio, where you get to do some old-school stepping. Being in my 50’s, I’m just thrilled to have found a workout that is effective AND fun! I find that the mornings that I get up and do an O44 Method workout are my best, most positive days.

Heidi Wardin

After having 2 kids and my second over 40, I needed a quick and effective workout that would make me feel strong, empowered and centered. The 044 Method is a workout for woman who want to get results and feel good in their bodies.

Jo Schaalman, co-founder of the Conscious Cleanse