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O44 METHOD is a results-driven, revolutionary strength & conditioning workout which utilizes our innovative O44 Resistance Wall and Plyobox. These are high-intensity, low-impact athletic workouts comprised of large and small range of motion exercises met with heavier resistance and cardio insets. Wear your sneakers! In addition to tubing from the O44 Wall and Plyobox, resistance is integrated via kettlebells, hand weights, ankle weights, medicine balls, and hip bands. Each O44 class is musically driven, with flow and concludes with breathwork and a meditation.

  • Our programs include the below:
  • 1. O44 RESISTANCE WALL + O44 PLYOBOX- offered live in our affiliate studio in Vail, CO launching July 2022.
  • 2. O44 PLYOBOX [freestanding, no O44 Resistance Wall needed]- offered via streaming from our affiliate studio in Vail, CO launching July 2022.
  • 3. O44 PLYOBOX EXERCISES- offered free on our site to be integrated in to your at-home/garage/outside workout with our O44 PLYOBOX + TUBE.